Machine Shop

Produces machined timber from the raw material, providing kits of machined parts for the joiners, outfitters and deck teams.

Joinery Shop

Here we produce as much interior and exterior joinery as is possible at the bench. It is then installed on the yachts by our boat out fitters.

Engineers Shop

Our engineers work comprises all new work. This involves the installation of all new equipment ranging from engines, steering gear, pressurized water systems, to fridges, freezers, domestic plumbing and air-conditioning.

Covering Shop

Each yacht has scores of individual, fabric-covered panels - in some instances over a hundred per boat. All such panels are dealt with in this department.

Solid Surfaces Shop

Here we create the worktops for the heads and galley units, using materials such as Avonite, Velstone and Corian. This particular department also has a commercial section which produces.

Spray Shop

The spray paint and polish method employed in the spray shop is the most effective means of obtaining the high class finish demanded by our owners.

Teak Deck & Deck Fittings

We have a small team dedicated to laying teak decks. They use carefully selected prime teak, and all decks are laid to a specific pattern. Deck fittings are installed by a specialist group who follow strict procedures in this important area, where watertight fixtures, strength and integrity are vital.

Interior Fit Out

By far our largest section, each boat has a team of fit-out experts who either install pre-made joinery, or manufacture joinery on the boat in individual cabins. This operation is at the heart of the boat outfitting process and brings all the departments, skills and craftsmanship together to produce the final result.

Electrical Shop

We have a fully equipped electrical shop. Our electricians install all the electric and electronics in the yachts from laying the basic cabling to ensuring that the microwave and full cinema entertainment system work. We work with the most modern electronics, some of which enable our owners to send and receive e-mails from almost any part of the globe. We also install electronic positioning devices, marine radios, radars, auto-pilots, and so on.